More British people looking for jobs overseas due to Brexit

by Ray Clancy on October 10, 2016

More British people are considering becoming expats, with the latest research showing that numbers searching for jobs overseas is climbing back towards levels not seen since the immediate aftermath of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

The analysis of millions of searches made by UK based job seekers on international jobs site Indeed, also reveals that Britons’ desire to work elsewhere in the EU has increased steadily as the Euro has strengthened against the Pound.

UKflagThe top potential destination is Ireland with a 20% rise in British people looking for jobs since the EU vote, followed by a 13% rise in searches in Australia, a 10% rise for Canada and a 9% rise for jobs in Germany.

While the European Union is still a draw for British job seekers, there was a 6% fall in British people searching for jobs in France, which is traditionally one of the top countries for expats. The data also shows that overall searches for jobs in the EU were up a modest 7% on their pre-referendum levels.

‘Within hours of Britain’s vote for Brexit, many UK based jobseekers jumped online to look for work elsewhere – and the first frenzied days after the referendum saw a huge spike in searches for jobs overseas,’ said Mariano Mamertino, EMEA economist at Indeed.

He explained that many expected that Britons’ desire to work abroad would cool after the immediate impact of the vote but the research reveals that the number of searches for overseas jobs remains high.

‘For the most popular countries, average levels of search during the 100 days since the result now match the immediate post-result surge. Ireland in particular has been a big winner. Not only are high numbers of Britons searching for Irish jobs, but so too are jobseekers from elsewhere in the EU. The UK has long been a magnet for international talent, but Brexit uncertainty is leading many of them to consider Ireland instead,’ he pointed out.

‘The UK economy has proved resilient in the first few months since the poll, with consumer confidence remaining high and the number of people in work barely changing. But a deterioration in the hiring appetite of employers, coupled with increasing talk of a Hard Brexit, and returning uncertainty over what that might mean, is now prompting many Britons who had been thinking of working overseas to job hunt in earnest,’ he added.

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