Job seekers shunning UK and the US in favour of Australia, Canada and Asia

by Ray Clancy on July 14, 2017

Expat job seekers are shunning the UK and the United States and looking instead to Australia, Canada and Asia, new figures suggest.

It is political and economic uncertainty in the US and UK that is producing a shift away from these countries on the part of expat job seekers, according to a new report form US based global jobs listing company Indeed.


The data shows that in the four months to the end of April 2017, there has been a 30% increase in the overall number of overseas job seekers looking for roles in Australia compared with the same period last year.

The analysis also suggests that in some highly skilled professions there is stronger interest from overseas compared to local search interest in the Australian market.

In Australia the biggest increase has come from people in India with a rise of 55% in searches, while interest from Japan is up 48%, for the United Arab Emirates it is up 26% and from South Africa there has been a rise of 22%.

Conversely, there has been a 10% increase in the number of overseas jobs searches from Australia, with job seekers looking less at the US and UK, and more at Canada and Asia, including Japan, Korea, China and Singapore.

The company has also released its latest list of best 50 companies in the world to work for and it is topped by customer relationship management software firm Salesforce, followed by Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue Airways.

Global giants Facebook come in fourth and Google fifth. Other global brands include Nike and Apple in joint eighth, the Walt Disney Company in tenth, Costco 12th, Johnson & Johnson at 14, Starbucks at 20, Estee Lauder 21, Microsoft 22, American Airlines 30, Mastercard 33, Monsanto 36, Avon 46 and American Express at 50.

‘Companies with disruptive business models and progressive company cultures will continue to attract and retain top talent. While compensation and job security are always top of mind for employees, we are seeing strong company culture and sense of community becoming just as much of a priority,’ said Indeed senior vice president Paul D’Arcy

While there is a range of industries featured on the list, including tech, finance, healthcare, consumer products, retail, and airlines, there are similarities seen throughout reviews written by employees that stand out.

‘We are seeing people describe these exemplary workplaces as inspiring and engaging by maintaining excellent company culture, ensuring quality leadership, and offering competitive pay and benefits. Employees also praise the companies on this list for being mission driven organisations that are leaders in their respective industries,’ he added.

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