Young unemployed Irish people are flocking to move to Canada and Australia seeking work, it is claimed.

Recent numbers suggesting up to 200,000 people are to emigrate from Ireland within the next five years if unemployment is not addressed are an indication of the continued trend of departures from Ireland of young graduates and the unemployed.

The current employment campaign by the government of South Australia highlights unusual and somewhat different working opportunities including positions catching Koalas, tagging sharks and beer tasting. has found that many people who are leaving the country do so now with the intention of staying away for up to 24 months. With that in mind, people who are researching travel plans including flights and visas should also consider the best value options when it comes to travel insurance, it says.

‘Anyone leaving the country would be foolish not to take out insurance especially when travelling to the US or Canada, mainly due to the high treatment costs in those countries. Comprehensive cover for medical treatment which will also include repatriation to Ireland if necessary or cover for curtailment should you need to cut your trip short in the event of a serious family situation at home, along with personal accident, baggage, legal expenses and personal liability cover are the most important sections,’ said joint managing Director Ciaran Mulligan.

He explained that there is usually a requirement from government departments of different countries to have an adequate level of insurance cover in place on entering that particular county and individuals should make themselves aware of these requirements and research the appropriate cover for their trip.

‘It is also important to remember that it is an individual’s own choice as to who their insurance provider is and individuals should be wary of any company who insist that customers who book with them for other reasons are also subject to purchasing insurance from them. This is a practice currently undertaken by some travel companies which consumers should watch out for,’ he said.

Depending on the length of the trip, it is also possible to extend cover whilst abroad, he added. ‘This is something that should be checked with insurance providers at the time when taking out the original policy as many providers will have different conditions when it comes to extending cover whilst abroad.’