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Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for the child of having a large number of toys?


Modern parents plan and arrange baby rooms even before a child is born. They arrange all kinds of necessities and add-ons such as toys for the purpose. It has been generally observed that modern parents tend to frequently buy toys for their children when they demand. While the parents may see it as learning and entertainment tool for children, this may be detrimental for children’s growth as it may develop a sense of entitlement among children.

Limited number of toys along with particular focus on the type of toys may reap several benefits for a child’s upbringing. For example, children in the age group 1-3 years may learn a great deal from toys focused on alphabets, numbers, and rhymes. Toys based on building blocks such as LEGO and Mosaic may aid cognitive development of older children. If parents fulfill every demand of children and buy them a large number of toys, it is likely that the children will feel privileged and entitled. Such children may find it hard to compete with other children in real-life when they grow and attend high school and college. Limiting the number of toys coupled with creating an incentive based system, on the other hand, develops competitiveness and independence at an early age.

Other disadvantages associated with toys is the quality of toys which may be hazardous to children particularly the smaller age groups. Parents need to be careful when purchasing toys especially cheaper ones from unreliable places. An increasing number of parents are also buying technology products with screens as an alternative to toys even for smaller children. Studies have proven that exposure to screen at a very early age hampers mental development of children. Besides that, such products also limit time for outdoor activities of children which are crucial for physical growth and development.

All in all, the disadvantages of children having a large number of toys are manifold. Limiting the number and type of toys can turn many of these disadvantages into advantages for the children.
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