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I am an American who will be moving to Spain in 2 weeks to do a fashion photography program. I have money saved, but the program is a year, and after the first 6 months I'll want to start looking for a part-time gig. The thing is I do not want to invest $1,500 or more to teach english for a few months. I was thinking along the lines of something in tourism, hostel, restaurant, etc.

Because my program is more than 6 months I will receive a NIE. I was told that I can work in Spain while studying for up to 20 hours/week, which would be perfect.

But I've been getting conflicting information. Some have told me that as long as I have the NIE and a document that says I'm in the country legally then I can work no problem. Others have told me that a company would still have to apply for a work permit on my behalf.

I would ask my consulate, but even when speaking to the staff in Spanish I've gotten nothing but conflicting information. Aside from conflicting information the Spaniards in the Los Angeles consulate office are some of the nicest bureaucrats I've ever encountered in my life.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!
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