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I haven't got any experience of going down this route but I'd be careful about it if I was you. The working holiday visa is just that - designed for people who want to holiday in NZ and working is a secondary intention to fund the holiday. If you apply for one with the intention of getting a fulltime job and simply living in NZ there could be a technical breach of the visa conditions which could obviously damage a future application for any other visa.

Am sure many do go this route but if it was me I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopordise my future chances of getting a residence visa.

You could apply for your res visa and then literally go on a working holiday but you would have to be travelling and stuff in NZ rather than simply living.

What industry do you guys work in? Another option could be getting a job offer from an Accredited Employer in which case you can get a work to residence visa v quickly. I have just got mine and the visa took 2 days to get approved (although getting all the medicals and stuff done took an extra month). That would be the quickest route in. I'd only get a working holiday visa if I was going to NZ to go backpacking for a year as that's really what it is for.

If you did have a holiday visa am sure it would be fairly easy to find skilled work if your skills were in demand, although you would be restricted to working for a max of 12 months for any one employer so most of the options would be temp or maternity cover etc, but I guess depends very much on your industry.

Good luck!
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