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Hi everyone, this is my first ever post so be gentle. I hope i've put it in the right place though i'm sure you'll re-direct me if I've got it wrong.

Right then, I've a question regarding working from the US.

I'm planning to accompany my husband (I'll have an L2 with a work permit - currently awaiting the return of our passports with visas enclosed from the embassy).

I would like to either remain as an employee of my current employer being paid in £ into a UK bank account (i work for international pharma company who are established in teh US but i would be working for the Uk affilate) or work as a contractor for my current employer under my own Ltd company (I have this from a previous stint as a contractor).

HR at work are theoretically onboard but are having a few issues thinking through the ins and outs - they have come back with a concern that I'll be deemed as establishing a permanent establishment in the US and would be liable to corporation tax? Any thoughts?:confused:

The 'professional' advice we have recieved in the situation so far has advised that, if I remain employed, I should request a zero tax code from HMRC and my global income is then declared and taxed in the US. If the zero tax code if not forthcoming/appropriate then I decalre the tax i've already paid in the US and avoid double taxation under the Treaty agreement. If I contract then I guess the latter applies too, or I just leave the cash in the company (not pay myself) and sort it out once we're back in the uk???

Apologies for niaivety but anyone had experience of all this???
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