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Working abroad program?

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I'm considering a work abroad program in Australia, it's a working holiday program on a ranch, has anybody had any experience with a program like this? If so do they teach you enough skills to bring back home with you and actually get a job on a ranch? Also if you have had experience with it, do they rush you along or do they actually care if your learning, and what is it like to stay in a hostel, I'm from Alabama and I've never been past Louisiana so that part kinda freaks me out lol.
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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum.

You will need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa Visa Options - Working Holiday - Visas & Immigration and on this visa you must undertake temporary employment in Australia for up to six months with each employer - so you won't be able to stay with the same ranch for the duration of your visa.

Sorry but I've never been on a ranch, let alone work on one :lol: so can't help with your questions. Hopefully, there will be someone along that will be more helpful!

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