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The only way to use your French PACS partner's nationality to get a visa would be if you were going to live with him in France. (And, short of getting married, it's not exactly guaranteed that you'd be able to get the visa anyhow.)

If he's living in the UK, then yes, you'd have to get an appropriate visa (not sure how the Brits see this - but it's similar to a spouse visa most places). He can't fall back on his French nationality for British immigration issues like this.

For you to get a work permit/visa for France, your employer (i.e. sister-in-law) would have to get work authorization for you under the French rules, and for a babysitter/nanny that's not real likely. She would have to prove that she had tried and failed to find someone already in France (or the EU) similarly qualified for the job.

Any chance he could find a job in France?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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