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hey guys!

So mines a bit of a complicated situation, so please bear with me :S

i was in Spain from October 2011 till July 2013 on a student visa, always legally enrolled in a school there. Right before i left i got offered a 1 year contract to teach English at a private school from October 2013 till June 2014. All the paperwork was in order, including the INEM certificate that i needed in order to work as a non-EU resident, and as soon as i left the country, my boss filed the petition for the residency permit (which would allow me to apply for the work visa to return to Spain) which usually takes about 2-3 months to process.

now we've been waiting for any sort of response from them for over 4 months, and, no matter how much we pushed, we had no news or updates. So we decided that, since the term had already started, and we couldn't wait endlessly i would return on a student visa, which also would allow me to work legally upto 25 hours a week as well. I checked about being able to apply for a student visa while having a work permit request open, and they said that there's no problem. So i got together all the papers to apply for my student visa, for which i have the appointment booked for tomorrow.

Now here's the kicker: I just get a call from my lawyer/gestor, who's been following up for me from Spain, who says that the case has been fast tracked and they expect a decision on my work permit next week- could be accepted or rejected, we don't have any leads on that. But, knowing the system, i feel like it might just get delayed again, so i don't want to put off my student visa appointment and wait any longer on that.

So my question is this: if i do apply for the student visa tomorrow, and a few days later they accept my work petition, will i be able to somehow, mid-process, request the embassy that they give me a work visa instead of the student visa? I ask because the process of getting together all the documents for either visa is ridiculously long and very, very expensive, and considering that 90 percent of the papers are basically the same, i wouldn't want to go through all that again to give in a fresh application, when i'd just about have given in practically the same thing.

any sort of speedy help would be appreciated a lot, considering my appointments in less than 24 hours... thank you!
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