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As you may all know the show and ice here in UK is today closing most of the country. Being in the Home Improvement/Building trade we have seen a serious slow down and now a complete stop. Question is:

Is there any work out there?

Painting & Decorating. (Airless Sprayer and roof coating equip).
Stone effect wall coating. (Decopierre Artisan).
General handyman. Anything.

Being English, I work long hours on task and finish rates to UK quality.
Cold and wet (Just another day).
Cheap rates as no social for me.

contact via here.

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Hi Decopete

I have just paid my Deposit for my house so not quite ready to move yet. I hope things work out for you it's got to be better than in the UK. I am sure this Forum can help.

Another Pete?

Peter the EX 666 man
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