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Hey guys i've worked for 2 employers in my career so far, below is the breakup, i was just wondering how to proceed with arranging exp letter..

Do i need 3 different exp letter from the current employer mentioning the start / end date as well as job description? or 1 consolidated letter from the current co will be sufficient?
anther thing which is also need to be considered is the job function for Deputy & Manager are the same..... expert opinion will be appreciated:)

Manager - IT Division
February 2013 - Present (8 months)

Deputy Manager( IT Div)
February 2010 - January 2013 (3 years)

Sys Admin / Senior IT Engineer / IT Engineer
June 2004 - February 2010 (5 years 9 months)

Other employer : already got the Exp letter, with dates & job description
Planner/Technical Assistant Services/Tech Support
1996~2004 ( almost 7 years)
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