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Witholding rent

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Hi all

Have an issue which I thought I'd like some advice on.

I moved into my appartment in Feb 2012 but being a newbie I didn't have the 2 rent cheques. I paid 2 months rent in advance with the understanding that I would have the 2 cheques ready for March.

When I moved in there were numerous issues with the place which have now been fixed. The outstanding items are mainly that the curtains need to be fixed in living room, master and guest bedrooms.

The handyman has come over and provided an estimate to the agent who presumably has passed it on to the landlord (who is overseas).

Anyway have asked the agent when it is likely that the curtains are going to be repaired but no surprise she isn't returning my calls or answering my emails.

My question is: would it be a good idea not to provide the 2 cheques until the curtains are repaired? Or would that be a very bad move?

I know things are different to UK and rights tenants have there. But I feel once I give the cheques then that is it. No way are those curtains going to be repaired.

Thanks in advance

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Read your Tenancy Agreement - you have signed a contract that you will pay 12 months rent. If you breach that contract the landlord can evict you and you are still liable for the rent. Not really worth it for a couple of curtains. Hound the agent/landlord or, if you don't want the stress, go to DragonMart or Ikea and get some cheap curtains.
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