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Hello there, I hope I'm not repeating a thread but I couldn't find another one that answers my question. I could really use your help :)

I have an Australian partner, we met while I was on my working holiday visa. I have just returned to the UK in November from a 6 month stay with him, on a tourist visa. My aim is to start a Horticulture course next July which lasts for 6 months. Originally I was going to stay here in the UK until the student visa kicks in (this is all assuming I get it of course...), but I am finding life very miserable here and I want to go back over there sooner. The only way I can see of doing this is to get over there in February next year on a tourist visa, and do my TAFE/student visa application from Australia.

So after that little ramble, I would like to know if you are able to apply for courses and student visas from Australia, or do you have to be out of the country? And also, if my student visa is granted, will it run on from my tourist visa or will I have to leave the country for a period of time? That is not a question that I can see the answer to on the immi.gov.au website.

Thank you for reading and I hope somebody can clarify these questions for me. Peace :tongue1:
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