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Hi All,
Thanks very much for all your support in helping me prepare my application. Here is all that I will include in the visa application. Could you please confirm if this all ok?

I plan to submit the online application as soon as I land in Afghanistan as per my solicitors advice that I should say on the forum that I am with my wife at the time of application..
Completed and online submitted application form VAF4A(IHS ref written on the front page)

  • Completed VAF4A Appendix
  • Sponsor’s Declaration & Cover letter
  • Sponsor’s Identification
  • Marriage certificate with attested English translation
  • Photos of our wedding & other picture
  • Intervening devotion: Selective Skype chat screenshots & Skype phone records
  • Evidence of English Language & TB Test certificate(TB test expires on10/06/15 so will renew on 11th)
  • Evidence of Accommodation
    [**] Letter from council confirming the nature of my property
    [**]Inspection report from thirdparty confirming that my property will not be in breach of any health and safety rules if she comes
  • Six months bank statements(matching payslips)(latest one is less than 28 days old)
  • Letter from Employer and Six months certified original payslips(less than 20 days old)
  • Council Tax & Utility bills
  • Western Union Transaction Receipt
  • Plane Tickets of Sponsor Travelling to Afghanistan
  • Other supporting documents
    [**] As I visiting my wife for 2 weeks, approval email from the company for holiday
    [**]IHS email receipt

Thanks again for all your help
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Not open for further replies.