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There used to be so many small toy stores here in Japan before Toys~R~Us. Their selection was never very big and their prices were crazy but they were pretty fun to look around. Then came T.R.U. which promised huge selections and as close to American prices as you could get, and for a while they held up that promise. The stores were packed to the ceiling with american and Japanese toys.
Flash forward a decade or so and now that they've put all the mom and pop toy stores out of business they get rid of all the toys and give us a lousy selection and not so great prices.
I was at one the other day and they seriously had like 50 of the same stuffed animal taking up place where there were dozens of toys previously. They've even stopped selling wrapping paper in favor of gift bags. Gift bags? Besides the color it's about as thoughtful of sticking the toy in a shopping bag.
Big corperations stink, even toy ones.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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