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Hello All,

I just need your expert opinion/experience/knowledge on my situation.

I have applied for my EOI on 25 June 2015 with 65 points (189 for 221111). My 485 skilled graduate visa is expiring on 3rd August 2015. Now you guys must have calculated that I have pretty much only 6th July invitation as the sole hope. I am working full time and could not go to a student visa as it will get my job in jeopardy. I have also applied for 190 (NSW) as well with my 189 application, just in case. I know there are many people in my situation out here and your reply will definitely be very useful for all of them.

Your thorough take on my chances of getting an invite on 6th July will be really appreciated. Any options, if God forbids I do not get it, will be extermely helpful too.

Thank you for your time.
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