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Are you guys serious?

I've lived and worked in Egypt in various capacities for over five years. I can confirm that almost every woman I've ever met... from lower class to wealthy upper class, shops at City Stars.

They wear the "tarty" "skimpy" clothes and shoes in the streets, at cafes, at work, at parties, going out to drink, going out for juice, going out for shisha.

Yes, a large percent of women in Egypt wear galabeyas or traditional clothing and often wear less constricting items at home in the privacy of their own homes. But the majority of women who live in Cairo and who can afford it also walk around in 4" heels, skinny jeans and off-shoulder tops, most likely all purchased at City Stars or possibly Sharia Lebnan in Mohandeseen for prices that are anything but bargain.

No Egyptian woman would waste her time and money searching for the perfect outfit to simply wear it alone at home, with her husband or family. What a waste.
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