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Hi Guys, While filing the Visa, I was updating my partner's details. Got stuck at one place - Her name has been updated in passport post marriage (same is in marriage certificate) however other documents as adhar card and PAN card have her maiden name still. While applying Visa when I fill the details for national identity and other identity documents should I write her post marriage updated name or maiden name which is present in both the documents?
Also for the question does she hold some other name, should I be entering her maiden name? Please advise.

If I were you, I would avoid using any document which still has her maiden name as far as possible
I would have Used birth certificate or school leaving certificate instead which anyways were supposed to only have maiden name forever

In the mean time get the name updated in PAN and Aadhaar ASAp
It's an easy and quick process and I am surprised you have not done it so far

As far as the question on answering if she was known by any other name, you have to give her maiden name where ever asked

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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