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I am glad to find Expat forum.

I am now in South Africa, holding a 3 year section 11(6) short term relative visitor’s visa and I am now married to a South Africa PR holder for almost 2 years. I would like to apply for a permanent residence visa at the soonest and I am still considering the critical skill visa option. However, I am quite confused as in which critical skill I should be applying for:

I have done some researches and I believe the following skills apply to me:

  • Actuarial and risk assessor (which I would register with “The Institute of Risk Management South Africa” which is registered with SAQA)
  • Financial investment advisor (which I need to register with "The Institute Of Business Advisors Southern Africa” which is also registered with SAQA but I need to obtain a FSP license?
  • External auditor (but I am employed as a financial controller at the moment, does audit stills apply to me?)
  • Corporate general manager(I have a critical skill letter from SAICA which does not specify the skills)?

I am a qualified chartered accountant (South Africa) and I have been employed as an external auditor for 6 years at KPMG, but I worked as a compliance officer at a wealth assets management firm for 3 months in Guernsey and worked at a bank as a credit analysts/accounting consultant in Bermuda for a year. I am currently employed as a financial manager.

I would really appreciate if anyone could kindly advise which skill would get the most positive outcome?
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