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Hi all,

looks like we are moving from Switzerland to Dubai End of June for business reasons (sent by the employer of my husband) for 12 month and now trying to research what kind of documents we need to apply for a working Permit (husband) and residence visa (my husband, me and our daughter)?

I guess the company of my husband will help us to arrange paperwork but I want to be prepared as we are not Swiss and it might be necessary to get some of the required document from our home country Germany (which could quite take a while).

What do we need exactely? Do we have to/Canwe start the Visa process before leaving Switzerland or is it only possible from the time we have arrived?
How long will it it take from your experiance to get a work permit and the residence Visa?

Heard about a medical test, is this required for the entire family or only people who want to work?

How about the application for a newborn baby, we will have our second Child in November, but I will go back to Switzerland for the delivery, can I enter Dubai with the baby again on a tourist visa (first, then apply for a residence visa) or is the baby covered with our family visa then? So many questions...Thanks for your information!
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