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Where would you live if......

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you would have about 90k dirham to spend on housing, are single, like the beach and going out meeting new people, and work in Media City?

I will move to Dubai in August and would like to know where I should look and what to look for. What can I get for this kind of money?

Thanks for your help, Mark
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Not to start a argument about the Marina since people have strong opinions...JLT is a great value for the money and you can get a nice place. Although traffic on that side is miserable, if they finish the construction that will be resolved, but who knows when that will be.

But on a lazy Friday or Saturday afternoon you are not going to take a relaxed stroll down to the Marina or beach living in JLT (even though it is physically possible to walk there). If that is something important to you than you should take that into consideration. A lot of people do not like the Marina or JBR, but to me I cannot see why I would live somewhere that is on the coast and not live next to the beach. But I have lived most of my life land locked and so that probably impacted my decision.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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