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1st, there are lots of wonderful places in the US and internationally to live but this a very personal decision. As you have probably found with your recent move, one person's heaven is another's hell. You really need to travel to see what you like and don't like. As stated, you also have to address some realities such as independence financial and personnel, work and
I traveled extensively through Europe and Asia during business life and lived in both Beijing and Singapore. I loved it, but my ex-wife didn't. Also, we could only really make it work for us when sponsored by a company. Most countries make it difficult for expats to just show up and compete for local jobs. Many also have restrictions on attending public schools even if language not a problem.
You didn't say what your husband did for work or how transferrable that might be.
You also didn't say you were close or a long way to retirement.
When I retired at the millenium, my opportunities exploded and restrictions reduced. If you don't have a lot of freedom the next few years, you might concentrate on the US and do traveling for the future.
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