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hey there everybody :) im new to the forum

and i need some advice from people with experience (this posts gonna be a long one so bare with me, please).
i want to move to south east asia (literally any se country would do). but all the information online is so contradictory and i cant tell whats what.
i noticed people online tend to grossly exaggerate a lot of aspect about life in "insert name of country here".
especially when it comes to cost of living and safety.
so a little backstory:
first of all, im a total "sewer rat". grew up in the worst neighborhood in all of naples,italy...lived in the worst part of brooklyn for 5 years and the crappiest part of providence,ri for another 2. and then i lived in probably the worst part of bangkok yai for 3+ years. when i see people say "cost of living for 1 month in bangkok will cost you around 700$" i burst out laughing. i lived comfortably on 200$ a month. tiny 2000thb/month one room,eating cheap 30thb meals.i have no interest in traveling, amenities, night life,foods, going to movies...nothing. i was happy living in my 1 room,in my rundown bkk neighborhood. pure bliss. its just the kind of person i am. if there ever was a "simple" man, that'd be me. so when i ask about cost of living im not asking for expat standards, im asking for locals standards.

unfortunately, thailands immigration laws are way too strict to settle down, so to my dismay, i had to leave. just wasnt worth it. i came back to italy and i was supposed to go to philippines but...then covid started.been stuck here ever since.
but in this year and a half time for contemplation i kinda fallen out of love with ph. everybodys saying its so dangerous.
the way people talk living in manila is like living in east los angeles or something. everybodys high on meth, and its full of stick up kids wanna-be bangers that'll do you in just for the fun of it.
im moving to asia for PEACE! if i wanted to live in a warzone i would have stayed in scampia....
when i was in bangkok i used to roam the streets alone at 3am, just walking and exploring dark allys and weird backwards ass neighborhoods i never been to. i like to walk at night cause im an insomniac.its fun.
so i dont think i can do that in manila. manila slums dont look like bangkok slums (or at least thats what i hear?)
YOU tell me!

so, since philippines is kinda out, i landed on either laos or cambodia. which leads me to my questions:
1.) is it true that you can stay in laos forever on a sp-b3 visa if you get married?
2.) is it really as difficult to get married in laos as people say online?with corrupt officials extorting 1000s of dollars out of you on every turn?
3.)ive read an article about cambodia that said this
Cambodia is one of the easiest countries in the world for most nationalities to get a visa. You can receive a one-month tourist or business visa upon arrival or online, and a business visa can be extended for up to 12 months. You don’t have to jump through any crazy hoops to do it, either. Just take your passport to a local travel agency along with a $280 payment. When your year is up, simply apply for a new visa, and you can continue doing this as long as you want to live in Cambodia.
Also note: While it’s called a “business” visa, you’re under no obligation to actually start a business unlike in many other countries.
is this true? especially the last part?cause i checked the requirements from the government and it says you need to be hired by a cambodian company
4.)which is safer, laos or cambodia?
5.) which is cheaper, laos or cambodia?(especially for somebody who has no problem "slumming it" in the city (within reason....)
6.)i work online, have a steady job that pays 10$ an hour. its not much but for me its way more than enough. im not looking for slave labor in se countries to get a visa. basically i wanna find a loophole to live there , keep my low pressure online job and live a simple, happy peaceful cheap life.

thats about it. i'd like to have a further discussion with some of you who might have some experience regarding these things. sorry about the long post but...this is my LIFE (im gonna settle somewhere for good, so gotta do my homework).
my 3 years slumming it in bangkok were the happiest of my life.ghetto thai people fully embraced me cause we have the same exact mentality and lifestyle, and i spoke fluent thai before i even moved. i felt so at home and just like one of them (and if it werent for the government being so damn difficult i'd have stayed there forever). i know what i want! so now im just looking for a comparable alternative

thank you in advance
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