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Hi All,

So now that we finally have our VISA :D woohoooo It is time for our next move. Deciding when is the best time to move to Australia. Well, after some careful thought we had decided that we will be going sometime mid February and will be making the move for good rather than just landing and coming back.
My husband is in IT and will be looking for jobs in that field.

So now our next dilemma is where in Melbourne should we live? We have a 3 year old son.
At the beginning an apartment or house is not a big deal. However, we would like it in a safe family-friendly area. Not too close to the city but not far either. We prefer it to be close to parks and recreational areas where we can enjoy our time with our kid while also being able to enjoy the perks of eating out and close shopping areas.

From experience, where do you suggest is the best place and why?

Thanks all! :)
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