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Please correct me if I am wrong.
I think the main reason why non pro rata 60 pointers and 65 pointers are not being invited is beacuse they only send 1000 invitations per round. As 85% of the invitations will be sent to pro ratas since all these pro rata haven't reach their ceilings as it is the begining of the new financial. So every round the number of invitations that goes to NPR is about 150 only so far.

So if they begin to increase the number of invitation to say, 2000 per round, which means more than 1000 invitations will be given to NPR. For which I think 60 pointers will start to be invited within 2 rounds according to the trend. I don't think there is a dramatical increase in the numbers of 65+ pointers of NPR.

What do you think? How many 65+ NPR pointers are there every month according to the past data roughly? Do you think it will be enough to clean the 65 NPR pointers if NPR is given 2000 invitations now?
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