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hi Anshu,
there are usually 3 different times when you can go for your medicals.

1. Before getting an invite for VISA. THis can happen through the -medical portal on immigration website. You need to generate a HAP-ID first and provide it to the clinic.
Electronic Health Processing
This process can be followed before getting an invite.
2. After receiving the invite many people get their medicals done immideately to avoid delays at later stage.
3. After you lodge your VISA the CO advises you to go for your medical checkups. and then gives you 28 days time to apply the same and upload the results.

But you need to remember although all three options are viable your IED into Australia may depend on the date of medicals or PCC.

Submitted an EOI couple of weeks back and expecting an invitation by mid next month.

To save time, i am wondering if i can go for my medicals while i am waiting for invitation.

Does anyone know if i can get my medical done and have it ready before i receive my invitation? Or is an invitation a mandatory pre-requisite for medicals?
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