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When to book flights?

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We have recently received our grant for PR and hope to move to Brisbane in September. My husband is a plasterer.

My question is how did people tie in booking flights when you have a house to sell? Book them for roughly when you want to go and then if you have to change the departure date, do so when contracts have exchanged on the house so you have a move date? Book them when the house is sold? Trouble is the later you leave it, the more expensive flights become.

Not sure how to approach this really. What would you guys do?


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Unless you're willing to leave your house sitting empty I wouldn't book until the house is sold. It does cost more at that time of year to fly to Australia but it costs that much whether you buy now or late. It doesnt always follow that the prices will be more if you do a late booking. If there are empty seats they often sell the off to get bums in them! That is unless you want to fly over specific holidays like christmas and easter where the prices soar on late bookings! And if you want fully flexible tickets that you can change the date on in case the house is not sold you would pay more again.
Hope to see you in Brisbane soon! Its a beautiful place! =)
Hi Laura:),

We're looking to head to Brisbane too at the end of September, hopefully, subject to house being sold, so we've decided to hang off booking anything until we've got everything sorted with the house first as we're not willing to leave the house empty.

Thanks guys. I'll think I'll do the safe option and wait until we've exchanged contracts on the house before buying our flight tickets.

Brisbane seems to be the place to be then?! We can't wait.

Nicki - have your got your visa yet? We got ours about a month ago now and want to move ASAP. Know wish area you're going to live?
We can't wait to go either Laura:)

No we're just waiting to be requested for our Medicals but our agent reckons we'll have them by end of June beginning of July.

We're heading to Caloundra, where you you guys heading too? We've already got our house so we're getting to the stage that we're wanting to be there now.

Caloundra is lovely - great choice! We're not quite sure at the minute as we'll initially be living with my father who lives in Samford. The plan is to go house hunting once we get there. I'm researching schools/nurseries at the minute as that's important when two children will be in tow! Are you planning on finding work when you get out there or do you have something lined up?
The only reason we're heading to Caloundra is because we've got friends there and have said the schools there are brilliant as we've got 2 kids also.

My hubby's friend has his Joinery business so he's hoping to have a job with him once we get there, but as for me am going to wait until kids are settled then start looking for myself unless something comes up.

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