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When I we go to Spain I taking (game)

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A very popular car game in the US (when I go to California), starting with the letter A through the letter Z, name an item you would take.

(on train between SevillA - Madrid)...look forward to seeing what you all post...
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When we go to Spain we are taking
Address book,boots,case (of wine),driving licence,ehic,fluffy white socks,glasses (sun) and Hambre to eat all the yummy food when we get there!
PS take a case of wine to Spain, or buy a case of wine?
Silly billies!

For J it should be


When I go to Spain, I'm taking a suitcase full of

J O B S !!!!!
some comfortable zapatos for when I get off the yacht and go for long walks in the countryside. :)
Just what I was thinking. Spain is much more of a walking shoes country than a stilleto heels country for me.
Come to think of it, any country is :) for me.
ok, Stilettos are Out then.
Fine, When we go to Spain whe are taking...Stilton cheese? a Spanish Dictionary? Shorts?

But to be fair, taking Tinto de Verano to Spain is rather dumb too.
Any of the above would be great!
For T I would say tea, 'cos I love it and it's still not easy to get it where I am at a reasonable price (I saw decaf tea bags in a posh English store at over 8€!! Sometimes Carrefour has them, but only sometimes, at under 2€ :))
Or perhaps T for Thomas Hardy novels that I like
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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