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What's the Process of claiming Family tax & Child care benifit?

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Dear All,
I've got PR (sub class 175) and planning to move in Feb, 2010 with my wife and 2 y old child. Initially I will land at Sydney and then will look for work from here.

It would be very helpful if you throw some light on the following queries:

1. Will I've to pay tax for the landed amount which I already paid in native country?
2. From which date I can claim for family and child care benifit?
3. Is there any other benifit provided by Centrelink after landing?

Dream Boy
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Hi Dream boy,

Have you checked the centrelink website for info? We were told that we would not receive benefits for 2 years but we don't have kids so I'm not sure whether that applies to all benefits. We weren't told that by centrelink but I think it says it somewhere on the DIAC website.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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