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What to do, what to do...

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Hi everyone!

I am living in Edinburgh (from Canada) on a Tier 5 working visa which ends September 10th 2012. My Fiance (who is a British citizen from Edinburgh) and I started dating 3 years ago and have been living together the entire duration of my stay here in the UK. Before I moved here, we went back and forth between Canada and Scotland 2 weeks together, 4 weeks apart between Canada and the UK from Aug 2009 - Sept 2010 (when I moved). We have plans to marry next summer 2013, but we are looking into options into how I can reside and work over here until that date. I have done a lot of research into the Unmarried Partner Visa and there's only one portion of the requirements I am unsure of -- it states you need to be living together for 2 years and come September 10th, it will be exactly 2 years, but the issue will then be that my current visa will be expired.

I guess my question is, will 23 months (if I apply in August -- with the only exception being my current visa) be adequate enough for them to grant me this visa? My Fiance and I have our own place, joint account, I have a job over here, have been contributing to the economy since day one, I even volunteer haha! 24 months is the length they require, but my visa is only for 24 months, so we've only been allowed to live together for that long before I need to apply.

Thanks so much guys. Hopefully this post isn't too convoluted -- this is the first post on any website ever for me! I appreciate it.


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Thanks for your post. Good luck to you with it! I hope someone can shed some light on the situation as well. I could provide 2 years straight of living evidence, but that would be on the exact day my visa expires!

Do they handle it on a case-by-case basis?
Yes, they do consider each application on its individual merits. For unmarried partner visas, one of the key factors they will look at is longevity of the relationship.

It sounds like you will be able to prove 3 years of relationship (the last 2 of which in co-habitation), so you appear to meet all the requirements. See: UK Border Agency | Can you apply?

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