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hi Friends,
I have one doubt. In my Degree it is mentioned that I Passed the B.E Exam in April 2003. THis is what I mentioned in my submission for ACS. But when I look at my marksheet for the final year I see the month as May 2003.
In the Degree Certificate it is mentioned as
"XXX has passed the Bachellor of Engineering in ELectronics Examination in the year April 2003 "
In the ACS result letter also they have mentioned that
"Your Bachelor of Engineering Electronics from XXX University completed April 2003 has been
assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a major in computing."
I hope I have submitted correctly. Also when submitting the EOI should I put end date as mentioned in the ACS letter and my degree certificate or it should follow the examination date.
I am a bit confused and scared now whether I have mentioned the correct end date.
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