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What is BRP?

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What is BRP, what does it look like and (if I get my visa) is there a letter or e-mail (and reference number) explaining how to get it once I enter the UK?

In my application, it told me I had 10 days from entering the country to register it at my local post office.

(Applying for spousal visa to join UK husband).

Sorry if this has been answered before; I didn't see it mentioned in other searches.
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All this information is very easily found with a quick Google search:

Your BRP is your visa and it looks like an ID card, think drivers licence. Google image search it and you'll see.

If you are granted your visa, information in the decision letter will explain how and where you get your BRP card from - see here:

"If you applied from outside the UK
Collect your BRP once you’re in the UK. You must do this before your vignette expires or within 10 days of arriving in the UK, whichever is later.

Check your decision letter. It will tell you to collect your BRP from either:

a named Post Office branch"
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