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Hi all,

Looking for a little advice on this as I've been reading the official stuff and I'm a bit confused.

The government website mentions 'personal' items such as clothes and what not you can bring in tax/duty free and I think as long as you have owned them for > 12 months.

However it further goes on to mention 'electricals' and other goods (so do Books, DVDs, Games come in to this? I'm thinking they do?) and there is a $1000 AUD limit - which I think is in total?

So does that mean if I plan to bring my two Sonos speakers, some PS4 games and a few other things (I don't know, a few board games, a few of my favourite cups) I could end up getting taxed for those? We've had them for years but obviously no proof as to either how much they cost of receipt as we're talking many years ago.

What do we think?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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