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I am preparing documents to submit along with my IQA form.
I have my Award Certificate and Transcripts already translated by a NAATI translator.

I've asked in the NZ embassy in Buenos Aires about the certification but they told me that I need to legalize the documents: first at the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then translate them and finally asked for a copy.

I am a little confused about a certified documents really means. :confused:

Here the link
Documents required for an International Qualification Assessment » NZQA
"About scans and certified copies: As part of your application you will send scanned PDF or digital photo files of your certified documents. Include images of the backs of any document that has information on its other side). ...."

Thanks in advance,

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A Certified Copy of a document is an exact copy of an original document that has been visually checked and certified as a true exact likeness to the original document and has been stamped or scrawled with the necessary wording " I certify that this document is a true copy of the original" and signed by the person certifying the document....which must be someone of authority like a Magistrate, Judge, JP, Lawyer/Solicitor and the like.
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