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Hello All,
Does electronics (embedded subjects) subjects like digital design, vlsi, and hardware description languages like Verilog/VHDl, assembly languages for microcontrollers, microprocessors, C compilers etc come under ICT?
I have seen on internet that it's a part of electronic ICT, does ACS considers it as ICT? :(

pls guide. thanx

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Hi folks!
Need some help.
I just need suggestions on if my Electronics & Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering degree has major/minor ICT subjects overall.
Please advise:

1st Semester:
Engineering Mathematics I
Physics - I
Chemistry - I
Technical Communication - I
Fundamentals of Computing
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Engineering Graphics Workshop

2nd Semester:
Engineering Mathematics - II
Physics - II
Chemistry - II
Electronic Devices
Computer Programming
Basic Electrical Engineering
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Computer Programming Lab
EE & Electronics Lab

3rd Semester:
Engineering Mathematics - III
Digital Logic and Circuits
Electronic Circuits
Network Analysis
Data Structures
Digital Logic Lab
Electronic Circuits Lab
Data Structure Lab

4th Semester:
Microprocessor & Microcomputer Application
Electronic Instrumentation
Electrical Measurements
Power Electronics
Transducer Technology
Microprocessor Lab
Electronic Inst. Lab
Power Electronics Lab
Transducer Technology Lab

5th Semester:
Process Control Inst.
Tele Switching Systems & Network
Process Control Engg. & Design
Light Wave Engineering
Computer Graphics
Process Control Lab
Light Wave Engineering Lab
Computer Graphics Lab

6th Semester:
Digital Signal Processing
Communication Engineering
Computerized Process Control
Microcomputer Architecture & Programming
Industrial Management
Digital Signal Processing Lab
Computer Process Control Lab
Communication Lab

7th Semester:
Design with Microcontrollers
Software Engineering
Computer Networks
Analytical Instrumentation
ASP (Analog Signal Processing)
Computer Networks Lab
Microcontrollers Lab

8th Semester:
Computational Intelligence
Industrial Control and Automation
Biomedical Electronics and Instrumentation
TCP/IP Network Administration
Introduction to Robotics and Mechatronics
Computational Intelligence Lab

Thanks for the help.
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