Skilled expat workers are needed to help rebuild Christchurch in New Zealand and they can now find out what jobs are available online.

ManpowerGroup, a world leader in innovative workforce solutions and services, has launched an online portal to help connect skilled workers with jobs related to the Christchurch rebuild.

The website,, is a tool for skilled trade workers, engineers, and construction professionals to find employment in the Christchurch rebuild.

One year on from the earthquake that devastated the city, authorities expect the reconstruction will be the biggest construction project in New Zealand’s history.

Recent figures from the Canterbury Employment Skills Board estimate that the Christchurch rebuild will require an additional 36,000 workers by the time of peak reconstruction.
‘In coming years, the region will face significant employee shortages as construction continues. The portal is designed to address these challenges by connecting skilled workers with job opportunities. We want to help employers find the workers they need in this tough time,’ said Matthew Love-Smith, regional business manager of Manpower Professional, New Zealand.

‘A key challenge for the area is attracting skilled trade workers from outside the Christchurch region. This website will serve as a tool to source much needed talent from New Zealand and beyond our shores,’ he explained.

‘Whether you've just finished your trade apprenticeship or you're a veteran within the construction industry we will help find you the right role where you are most needed,’ he added.
Meanwhile, the latest figures from Statistics New Zealand show that the national employment indicator shows that the number of filled jobs held by wage and salary earners continued to increase annually through November and December 2011.

The number of jobs filled is up for the 20th month in a row.
‘What we see is that the run of positive annual change in seasonally adjusted filled jobs has extended to 20 months, going as far back as May 2010,’ said industry and labour statistics manager Diane Ramsay.
The number of seasonally adjusted filled jobs in December 2011 was up 0.7% compared with December 2010. In November 2011, the number of seasonally adjusted filled jobs was up 0.8% compared with November 2010.

On a monthly basis, seasonally adjusted filled jobs have remained flat for both November 2011 and December 2011.

The national employment indicator is an experimental series that covers filled jobs held by people being paid a wage or salary during the month. It provides an early indication of change in the number of filled jobs at the national level. The focus should be on changes and movements between months, rather than the level of filled jobs.