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Dear All,

I have done medicals (My Health Declaration) 2 days before I received my invitation to apply for 190 visa (I knew I will certainly be getting the invitation). Currently I am on a valid postgraduate 574 visa that will expire next year.

In the immiaccount, when i start filling up my 190 visa application form, in 5th page a warning pops up, "Applicant xxx has other unfinalised applications lodged with the department. The applicant will be able to continue; however the unfinalised application(s) may need to be withdrawn by advising the department in writing. Please review the Departments website for further information."

My Health Declaration is complete.
I am not sure why I am getting this warning message as I certainly have no unfinalised visa applications with the department.

Is this a critical issue? Does anybody know anything about this?

Thank you!
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