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Hi All!

I really need some advice.

I want to relocate to Spain with my family.

I am a UK citizen and my children (2) also have UK passports. My wife is from the Philippines.

I have searched the forums and many people advise waiting until after Brexit.

However, my son turns 4 next week and I need to find a school.

We are currently in Taiwan, and I hope to have around 50,000 GBP in savings before
moving. (The UK currently requires 62,500 for my wife which is too much.....)

We are visiting Alicante at the start of September. I have hired a car and will check out a few areas. My wife has just got her Schengen Visa.

Can anybody suggest how we could get residency in Spain?

Would I be able to rent a place first, register myself and then my wife? Our wedding certificate is from the Philippines (which I know is a stumbling block). Would 50,000 GBP be enough? I work online in Internet Marketing so wouldn't have employement set up.

Are they any immigration services that could help people in my position?

Thanks in advance.

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