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Hi All,

With the halting of invitations since March, I have no clue when I will get a one. My Temporary Graduate visa(485) is expiring in October and my marriage has been fixed to be done in February next year in Sri Lanka.

My partner got the citizenship done last December finally. But now I'd like to ask any of your experiences of what my options are, I came up below;

1. Ideally If I'd be granted PR before my wedding date in Lanka, and we register our marriage here; all I will be left with is the citizenship test. (Assuming I will be a Permanent resident and my partner being a citizen now)

2. But, if I, still be waiting for an EOI closer to my wedding date overseas; what will the circumstances be if we register anyways in Melbourne. (when I'm in 485 visa and she a citizen )

3.If I've applied for PR and in a bridging visa till granted PR, and we get the marriage certificate here; will it affect my process. (when I'm in bridging and she is a citizen)

I really hope someone can shed some light on this, having had similar experiences.
Thanks a loooot :)

ANZSCO: 263111
Occupation: Network Engineer
IELTS : 10 Points
EOI lodged on : 26th April with 65 points in 189 visa
485 visa expiry: October 6th 2017
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