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Hi can I ask, I have been offered a new job -they pay weekly wages but monthly pay slips would this be a problem when applying for FLR??

Thank yo x
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Shouldn't but you need to explain how your payslips and bank statement correspond to each other. A simple spreadsheet may be useful.
Thanks. Can i also ask how many papers do you need to show each of us if we still live with parents ??
What papers?
Sorry haha

To show address how long we've been living together x
Over a period of 30 months, either 6 joint pieces of evidence from at least 3 separate sources, or 12 individual pieces, or a combination of the two.
And make sure the correspondence is spread evenly over the whole period with no long gaps in between.
Thanks guys!

I have saved everything that has come in the post from H&M , dentist, i don't seem to have anything else at the minute. Do they need to be government letters ?? Also do both my wife's and my letters need to be received in the same month as I don't have that either ?? Maybe 2 months apart ??
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