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WA SS & Pearth Life

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Hi all,

I beg to appologies if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find the exact answer, so I am starting this new thread.

As I have already applied for Vic SS and today apply for 175, now reading on various forums, the idea of applying for WA SS strikes me, but haven't got much knowledge about Pearth and adjoining areas, I have visited out the WA immigriation website and my profession is in their demanding list, so its straight forward, just the fees of 200$ and move on. But I have read out that they have long list of waiting applicants and it normally takes 4-5 months for CSL applicants, is this true.

2nd how is the life for asians from South east asia over their, is this just like Sydney and Melborne, or they are in few numbers.

I am asking all this to get more knowledge so that I can have more options open for me. Looking for your responses.

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Hi Jovi

In my opinion, as soon as you get teh ss for WA or Vic, you would have a CO anyways since you are in CSL, why bother with getting ss and getting stuck to one state..
anyway, thats your calll and individual choice. WA has a lot of Asians of Indo-Pak origin.

There is a saying, Potatoes, a Nokia charger and Indo-pak origin folks are easily found everywhere :p.
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