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Hello everyone,

So I spoke to my migration agent today and I guess the subclass 176- family sponsored visa is def. going to take some time!

My BA is in Film and Media but currently getting my masters in clinical Psychology.

I graduate next year July 2011- and wanted to come to Sydney by Sept 2011.

My agent said that I could come on a visitor visa and look for a job and have an employee sponsor me but it would have to be in the film or entertainment industry. could even be a drama teacher or whatever.

Anyways, my interest is obviously in Psychology now and not film. I am lucky that I do have my extended family in Sydney and will beliving with them when I come. So I wont have to worry about car/accomodation expense.

Anyways, what I was wondering is that if I come on a visitor visa...would I be able to volunteer at a clinic or do some research assistance?

I was thinking of coming to Sydney from sept 2011-Feb 2011 and then move back for my PsyD degree.

Any advice?
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