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Good evening
I am girl au pair in France since September 2016. I would like to extend my stay of the AU. I found a new family who depends on to prefecture of the Yvelines in Versailles.
I have visa long stay (VLS - TS), which expires on July 25, 2017.
Luckily the prefecture gave me a new appointment on June 28, 2017. (my previous RDV is on 5 September 2017 which is past my visa's expiration date.) They asked me to come with papers for student visa renewal.
I have a few questions, although my VLS - TS is mentioned 'etudiant', but my situation is different. the papers needed are also different.

1. I wonder what stamps that I should give , for etudiant (79 EUR) or au pair (49 EUR)?
2, should I give the proof of coverage? the thing is i dont have security sociale from my previous hostfam.
Please, if there is someone who can help me or have the same situation, please leave a message.

Thanks a lot for letting me know.
Kind regards
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