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VISS Accomodation

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Hi all,
Wife and I have been offered contracts to teach at VISS IN Sharjah. Just wondering if there is anyone on here that is at or has been at that school and tell us what the accommodation is like? All I know is that it's in the al Owais building of Al Khan st/rd. anyone that can shed some info or personal experience of the school, that would be appreciated also.
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Gil5 - hi - Congratulations on your appointment to VISS. I work at VISS also - the accommodation is great. Apartments are fantastic. I would be bringing everything you have on a usb as u never know what you may need. In terms of furniture, I wouldn't be bringing it just anything you cant live without. Are you coming with family or on your own? What will you be teaching?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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