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visitor visa situation... what to do?

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I'm actually writing this on behalf of someone else; it's a difficult situation but I hope that someone in the forums can help me.

Well, it's a long story but in this case this person was issued a 180 day visitor visa, but has unfortunately overstayed by a little over two months... a stupid thing to do but it's a long story as to why. This same person (again, it's a long story, I'm afraid) needs to stay even longer but is concerned that, at this point, it will be impossible to get permission and is really concerned that he will be denied entry into Mexico in the future because of this.

This person needs to stay in Mexico for a longer amount of time but is really concerned that it will be impossible to leave and re-enter the country now.

I've tried contacting the embassy but I can't seem to find the correct contact person. I've talked to a series of people and I hear things ranging from really terrifying (heavy fines and the possibility of being deported permanently ) to ''nothing is going to happen.''

I will be really grateful if anyone here can tell me what this person should do about fixing this situation. What can be done to fix things, and remain in Mexico for more time?

I've also contacted an attorney on behalf of this person.

Thank you if you can help me.
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I think history could be a dangerous indicator of the future. Specifically Mexican immigration is greatly upgrading there computer systems so it is much more likely to be "caught" applying for a new FMM having never turned the old one in.
I would be much more likely to go to the border and play it straight by explaining the situation. I find pursuing love to be pretty thin as why couldn't spare a couple days but then maybe people here are more romantic than I am. BTW, expect that my wife would say that they probably can't be less romantic. oh well!
Anyway, they should probably take their best shot as expect fine the worst outcome. They will probably need to leave and come back but believe less strict at US border than Belize seems to be.
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