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i am off to Oz in June, finally plucked up the courage to book a one way flight (panic is setting in), i have a 1 year working visa and in that time i am planning to get a job (i work in IT) and housing etc. does anyone know if i do not manage to get a visa through my work over there is there a way that i can then apply for a permenant visa. i have raked about for anwsers but i cant seem to find anything. anyone any ideas?

thanks very much in advance

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Hi Andy,

When you find a company to sponsor you, you can apply for Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) . Then once you get that visa you can apply for a Permanent Visa (if you fit the criteria).


Thank you so much for your information. Are there any other Visas available? Is there a way that I can pay to become a Migrant...

just trying to get as much information as i am kind of ****ting it now that i have booked my flights.

thanks again

No you can't pay to become a migrant - they are more interested in your skills.

Hope you find something suitable,
Thanks you Karen

yeah i have been through the points system and i have 60 points for my skills so i should be ok that way, just wondered what the deal was with it haha, if the company paid or if i would have to pay. its the Skilled - Independent - Migrant (subclass 175) visa?


visa for job

Dear sir,

I am from pakistan my name is Muzammil Hussain Shah. I request you to kindly give me visa for work in your country. I am pour man i need a job. Kindly accept my request thanks.

Hi Andy,
Wanted to PM you, but don't see the function here? (Maybe they don't have)
Would like to get in touch as I'm a fellow IT professional considering Australia, without a cooking clue where to start.
Currently an expat in Asia (no, I'm western) and curious how to find out how one can check yourself for this points system you mentioned. Myself nearly a decade in IT, but no degree...are the points relying heavily on IT degrees?
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