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G'day! I registered here just now as I wanted to ask you folks about our visa here in Queensland. As an intro...

My husband has worked for our employer since November 2010 under 457 visa and he signed a contract as 1st Assistant Manager 31st March 2011. Our family was then granted an 857 visa (permanent resident) last June 21, 2012. We have been working for this employer ever since in this town (regional).

Just recently we decided to move to another town up north (regional) as our eldest daughter and son are planning to go to Uni soon. We discussed it as a family and we thought it best to stay together as they pursue their studies. This will enable us to save on living costs and will be easier for our two younger daughter and son to go to the nearby school as well. Another reason we wanted to resign from our present job is that we are not getting enough hours to be able to save up for our children's education and working there is putting stress on all of us. There are also some unlawful practices in our present work that we don't approve of (demotion without notice) and we're not happy working there anymore.

We've already submitted our resignation but our employer wanted my husband to fulfill the 2 year obligation of our 857 visa. We were told that if he failed to do that our employer would have to notify the immigration and our permanent residency will be cancelled.

Which leads me to our question...
Can immigration cancel our 857 visa on that ground?
If my husband stay to fulfill the 2 year obligation (which is only 6mos from now), and get terminated for any reason, can our permanent residency be cancelled?

Just so you know, my husband will be in a difficult situation if he stay as there are some malicious people at work who might do something so he could get terminated which is one of the reasons we want to leave.

Hope you can help us with some answers...thanks heaps!
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