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I’ve visited this forum countless times since I made the decision last year to Au Pair in France- so much great information! I’ve been in a small town in France since October, and have decided I would like to stay another year but with a new family in Paris. I have a standard, 1 year student visa (expiration 9/28/15). I’ve read tons of information on renewing, but I’m just unclear on if it matters that I would be with a new family (as the DIRECCTE contracts are renewable for 6 extra months but with the same family..) Also not clear if I can/should handle any if this at the prefecture where I live now, or if it must all be done in Paris.

This is what I’ve found- any thoughts? It seems a little much to have to provide my birth certificate and translation again- though with my experience with the French system so far, not at all surprising :)

Your original birth certificate + one copy
A certified translation of your birth certificate + one copy
Your DIRECCTE contract from the previous year + one copy
Your DIRECCTE contract for the upcoming year + one copy
Proof of housing (given to you by your host family)
Grades/attendance from previous year + one copy
Your “inscription definitive” for the upcoming school year + one copy
Copies of your ID page of your passport, your French visa, and your OFII stamp
49 euros worth of timbres fiscaux that you can buy from any tabac
Three passport photos

Thanks so much for any input!


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Technically speaking, you aren't supposed to be able to apply for any sort of visa from within France. Once you're here, you only renew your titre de séjour (i.e. residence permit), not your visa. And renewal of a titre de séjour is generally dependent on your still meeting the same terms and conditions as for your original visa.

The problem is that I think they do try to limit the "au pair visa" (basically just a student visa, but with specific conditions) to a max of 18 months. What you would be going for is basically a change of "statut" - from one au pair contract to a new one. And theoretically they could require you to go back home to apply for a new visa.

You may want to try checking with the consulate where you got your original visa - or maybe just ask your local prefecture if it would be possible to renew your titre de séjour if you were to change families (don't have to tell them where) and get a new contract.
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