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Hello, My name's Jodie. I'm planning on moving the the UK soon. I just got my Certificate of Sponsorship number yesterday and am filling out the online VISA form. I'd ask my employer but it's the weekend and I'd like to get the process going as fast as possible.

I have 2 questions about this:

What is the main address and contact details of where you will be staying whilst in the UK?

It has name of person/ hotel. I haven't figured out my living arrangements yet. Probably a hotel or possibly AirBnb until I find an apartment but I'd like to figure out the VISA application before figuring out the hotel. I looked online and I saw a suggestion of putting down their university address. I'm working for a company though, but if that works, I can put that down. My main concern is I don't want to fill out any sections and get rejected over a mistake. Also will this be used to deliver mail from the VISA office or something?

Question 2

This is about the points based system. It doesn't give you drop down menus to fill this out. You can write anything in there you want. I looked online for info (Apparently there used to be an online calculator provided by the UK government but is now defunct.) and came to these numbers

Certificate of Sponsorship (shortage occupation) 30
Salary 20
English language 10
Maintenance 10

Total 70

Is this the right way or values to fill it out currently? Or do you just write yes and they figure out the score on their end?

Thank you for any and all assistance, it's greatly appreciated :)

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